Sunday, November 29, 2015

A brief respite

So I want to take this moment to talk about this year's NaNoWriMo and what you can expect from this blog going forward. (At least for the near future). With the 50k word challenge met I will be slowing down the pace by a fair bit. On the first I will be posting a retrospect and thoughts on how this years efforts went.

As far as the story itself, we are sailing into the third act and grand finale for The Girl Who Blinked, but I estimate that we have another 25k words or so. I mean they still have to deal with the the Eodium occupation of Equinox, find out what happened to Clementine, and make sure the Combine doesn't come for their head. Since my entries average around two thousand words that means about thirteen entries or so. If everything goes smoothly the first draft will be done and posted before the end of the month.

Once the first draft is done I'll be stepping away from the story and looking for feedback from some close friends. If anyone who reads this wants to give me some feedback, just know I am looking for story notes not copy notes. There is no point worrying about catching typos and comma splices or doctoring the prose in general on something that may get reworked. Once the story beats are all worked out, then I'll worry about it.

While I'm letting the Girl Who Blinked sit, you'll see notes start to pop up for another story in the same universe. I am already having some ideas based on what the new status quo will be. It won't be centered around Adora and the crew of the Void Hawk, but it will include them in a supporting role. Hopefully it will arouse your interest when the time comes.

Well I guess it's time to get back to working on that final act. If all goes well you should have another two thousand words or so tomorrow. Until then, sail safely

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