Sunday, November 1, 2015

Twisting Starlight

A short entry here to get things started and to briefly explain why this thing wasn't updated with the regularity I originally wanted. Basically it amounts to life being what it is, I couldn't actively plot the way I wanted to. There simply wasn't time to sit down and come up with clever blog entries to share what I was planning with you. I have a collection of hand written notes and the framework for the story in my head, though, so nothing to fear but the writing itself.

Each evening, before I retire for the night, I will post whatever I have written for the day along with what my final word count was when I decided to call it quits. I will do this no matter how few words were written or how many. I will also post a link to the draft in process. This will be a much more organized way to read since the chapter breaks and such will be present on this document. Feel free to comment on the blog your thoughts and suggestions.

Now the time is passing us by, and we must begin the journey of the Girl Who Blinked.

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